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D2 Lamps

Browse our range of high quality Deuterium Arc (D2) Lamps to suit a wide variety of instruments. Our range includes Agilent, Dionex, Biotage and Gilson products.


View our collection of Fortuna Optifix dispensers. (inc. Polyfix, Optifix, and Universal) No matter whether it is manual or automatic, aqueous solution or aggressive acid – we have the right device for your application! Due to our long experience in the production of manual bottle top dispensers and automatic dosing systems, our products are easy to use, safe and precise. The result is, that they are indispensable in everyday life in the laboratory. Chemical resistance list of FORTUNA® OPTIFIX® and POLYFIX® Dispenser To choose the right Poulten & Graf liquid handling device for your application you can download the chemical resistance list 

Graphite Tubes

High quality graphite tubes manufactured compatible with Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu, Hitachi, Agilent, Thermo Scientific and GBC, suitable for Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) instruments.